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Looking forward to seeing these...and getting a little Elton education. Don't know whether these are on iTunes...but the nice thing about that is if they are one could program a selection of Bob's Top 40 into the old Pod...or pick and choose unfamiliar ones. A lot of these are unfamiliar to me or neglected.

Cynthia Closkey

This must be the time and place for me to reveal my affection for Sir Elton.

You haven't gotten to my favorites yet -- I'm curious how our lists compare. I rate "Saturday Night's Alright" higher than you do, although I feel its irony every time I play it. I don't like "Levon" though. I agree the melody and arrangement are super, but those lyrics are way too affected. I try to give it a listen now and again and always find myself skipping ahead round about the second verse.

Incidentally, I bought all my Elton John music on iTunes. I didn't try to buy every album so I don't know if their coverage is complete, but they had a solid selection.

Set up a playlist of these on iTunes! I think you could link to it from here; maybe you could link here from there too.


Joe & Cynthia -- I'm not sure that the songs I'm citing here are exactly the ones I'd select for an Elton iPod primer. And they certainly aren't in the sequence I'd suggest. Perhaps I'll do an extra posting at the end and make some recommendations.

I know Elton's canon isn't as widely known and beloved as the Beatles -- but I'd love to see somebody take a stab at predicting the Top 10, or selecting their own.


Bob would first have to sit down to learn how to use the iPod. He shows no desire to learn. Maybe it's because I have infected it with some 80's songs that he would rather poke out his eardrums than listen to. Personally, nothing gets me through the gym work-out like the pod.


Wifey -- that's true. Every time I try to play the darn thing, I end up hearing nothing but George Michael tunes.

Plus, those ear buds drive me absolutely berserk. I think I must have smaller earholes than the average human, because I can't get them to stay in for the life of me.


Want to hear another weird, possibly disgusting thing about the ear buds?

When I work out my ear sweat gets into them and seems to clog up the sound from getting through.

Ear sweat. Yeah. That's gross.

I'll go away now.


My Elton exposure is somehow terribly limited, despite the fact that I'm sure there was a lot of it played when I was younger. As an adult, I just don't know anybody who has any albums on CD, and I hate taking a gamble on music without sampling first. Perhaps I will check out those clips.

In other news, I rocked "Rocketman" at karaoke on Saturday night.

Tube City

'Toque, I sure hope you did the William Shatner version:


I've only ever bought the dozen or so various Greatest Hits albums, so a lot of these deeper cuts, I have mever heard of.


A group of us sang along with the chorus to "Levon" towards the end of a fantasy football draft.

I shit you not.

After many beers.

Is that weird?

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